There were not as many Methodists as Baptists in Cades Cove in the early days, but there were enough to begin a congregation in a log building in the early 1820’s. During the Civil War, the members of the church were so divided between the North and the South, that the dissident group left and started the Hopewell Methodist Church on the other side of the Cove. That church is no longer standing.

In 1902, J. D. McCampbell, a carpenter, blacksmith, and minister, built a new church for the original group in 115 days, for $1 a day, then served as it‘s pastor for many years. Notice the two doors at the front of the church. This usually meant the church required men to enter and leave by one door and the women to enter and leave through the other door. Not so in the case of this church. McCampbell borrowed the building plans from another church that did adhere to this practice and simply followed the plans as they were!

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