This church group was formed when a fundamental split over missions work developed within the Primitive Baptist Church. The group that favored doing missionary work was expelled in 1839 and started their own church on the opposite side of the Cove around 1841. The building you see now was built in 1915. Services were held here until 1944, when the church was closed, along with the rest of the town, for lack of residents.

As with most churches during the Civil War, no services were conducted. After the war, those members that were deemed to have been sympathetic to the Confederates were not allowed back into the church.

In the depression years of the 1930’s, a large Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp was located in Cades Cove. During this period, fire control roads were cleared and constructed as well as bridges and trails. And daffodils were planted. And they still bloom today. If you are in Cades Cove in March and April, look for them on the right side between the church and Tater Branch.

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